Cell Phone Website Case Studies



A subsidiary of Ticketmaster, TicketsNow is a resale marketplace where people buy and sell tickets to popular events. When the company noticed that 26% of all ticket-related searches over the web were on mobile devices they then knew that they needed to create a better mobile experience for www.ticketsnow.com.

They first pondered creating a mobile app, however their research revealed that a mobile site was a better option because it works on all platforms and is easier to update. Their new mobile site places the focus on making event information easily accessible and ticket purchases easier than ever. It uses simple, direct navigation to help users find what events interest them quickly. Mobile users can sort ticket listings by seat location, price, and availability. The mobile site has a streamlined checkout process that mobile users loved.

The first month after TicketsNow launched their mobile phone website their mobile purchase conversion rates grew by 50% and sales grew by 100%. The average dollar value of purchases from mobile devices increased by 8%. The mobile site increased return on ad spend by 30%. TicketsNow found a winning formula for both the company and their customers with their new mobile friendly website.

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.


As one of the nation’s largest vehicle buyers and auctioneers the company’s Vice President of Product Development, Joe Siefer said “When someone wants to sell their car, that person is probably sitting in their car or near their car, so if we can catch them on their mobile device, we can close the deal then and there.”

The company uses cars.iaai.com to connect with vehicle owners who are interested in selling their cars so they knew their mobile site needed to focus on providing the user with an experience that was conducive to the selling process which would meet the needs of a motivated seller. The mobile site’s focus is on the content that drives this process by offering an online price guide, location information and strong calls to action. Simplified navigation and form, anonymous price quotes and a photo guide to vehicle conditions have enabled the company to increase conversions dramatically.

In less than a year, the mobile friendly website now is responsible for 20% of all conversions as the company now focuses on a geo-targeted mobile campaign for location specific mobile landing pages to further drive motivated sellers.


Ryland Homes


One of America’s top five new-home builders relies heavily on their marketing efforts to engage prospects early on in the decision making process for their website at www.ryland.com. As their mobile traffic steadily increased they knew that they needed to better support and engage their growing base of on-the-go visitors.

Ryland Homes mobile site launched in March 2011 and delivers clickable phone numbers, location-based driving directions, speedy navigation and fast online registration to easily capture leads and conversions. Their mobile phone website also detects what type of mobile device the user is on and adjusts accordingly so the user sees the best version of the site for his or her device.

Ryland Homes has continued to enhance their mobile experience with more floor plans, forward-to-a-friend functionality, event information and more. Mobile registrations are up 300% and cost 30% less now as their mobile leads convert quickly to home sales.

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